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Drug testing is a process through which qualified personnel carry out blood and urine examination to determine if an individual has been using a given type of drug. It can be done in schools, workplaces, sporting arenas and hospitals. These tests are normally done to ascertain the type of drug an individual has been using or if the individual has been using any drug at all. All tests must be done under the supervision of qualified experts according to the instructions that are laid down by local and national authorities.

Drug testing in schools

While this may not be applicable to all learning institutions, there are a number that are adopting testing programs for various reasons. One of the main reasons why schools may use this program is to discourage students from getting involved with illicit drugs. Research shows that the youth often get into drug abuse due to peer pressure and new influences that they come across in high school or college. By carrying out random or regular testing, the school can ensure that students are deterred from taking any drugs. Students that test positive can be suspended or given some other form of punishment as deemed fit by the school’s administration.

Drug testing at the workplace

Individuals that engage in too much drinking of alcohol or drug abuse are likely to be less productive during working hours. This can easily translate to tremendous losses to the employer. As a way of curbing such complications, workplace testing may be ideal. These may be carried out when employees are getting hired for the first time or in a random manner. Some workplace policies allow employers to carry out drug tests on their employees in case they have reason to suspect drug use. A drug-free environment is known to have better sales returns, motivated workforce, fewer accidents at the workplace, fewer cases of theft and absenteeism.

Drug testing for athletes

There are certain drugs that can help anyone gain strength, speed, and agility and this may ultimately give the individual an unfair edge over opponents. To discourage such an outcome sporting authorities put in place random and regular testing programs to ensure that anyone engaging in such behavior is stripped of honors or disqualified from competitive sports. A number of cases have been reported throughout the world with one of the most shocking being the failed drug test involving Ben Johnson who was previously known as the world’s fastest man.

Drug testing in health facilities

Drug testing in facilities that provide treatment services can be important when trying to ascertain if an individual has overdosed on a drug or taken something illicit. Such tests allow the doctor to assess the extent of complication caused by the particular drug. This information can then be used to develop a treatment strategy. Individuals can develop health complications when they take illegal drugs or overdose on alcohol and certain types of prescription medicines. Treating such people without proper information on the drugs they may have ingested can lead to further complications and even death.

Drug testing for legal purposes

In certain cases, authorities must conduct a drug test to know if an individual committed a crime while under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal drug. The police often obtain a court order to carry out various tests before the actual hearing. There are some cases that police may use various testing techniques to determine how drunk an individual is before they allow them to drive. Drug testing for legal purposes are generally meant to prevent accidents or prosecute criminals who may have been under the influence while committing a felony.

Commonly tested drugs

Alcohol is one of the most commonly tested drug or substances in the world today. While this substance is legal, taking too much of it leads to impaired judgement, and this may easily lead to accidents, health complications or felony. Other drugs that are tested include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and opiates.

When thinking of the best way to pass a drug test, individuals must come to the realization that most drugs can stay in the body for over six weeks. This means it may be virtually impossible to get rid of all traces of the substances from the body. However, drinking a lot of water and avoiding any more ingestion of drugs can be a good way to prepare for a drug test. Maintaining mouth hygiene and avoiding anything that contains nicotine can be helpful. Use a detox mouthwash to remove any traces of drugs from the mouth and observe general body hygiene.

Drug tests are generally carried out to ensure the welfare of the individual and the society as a whole. That is why they should not be looked upon as a negative issue but rather embraced.

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